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List box

This Is a fairly basic example but it shows a couple of useful techniques For beginners . Firstly we show how To pass results To the page that a script resides by using <%= Request.ServerVariables(""SCRIPT_NAME"") %> . It also shows an example of using a listbox .

<form action = ""<%= Request.ServerVariables(""SCRIPT_NAME"") %>"" method = ""Get"">
<Select size=""2"" name = ""colour"" multiple>
<Input Type=""submit"">
Dim intCount
'If no colours are selected Then display a message
If Request.QueryString(""colour"").Count = 0 Then
Response.Write ""You didnt Select any colours""
'If you did Select colours
'Loop through the selected colour(s)
For intCount = 1 To Request.QueryString(""colour"").Count
Response.Write ""You Like the colour ""
Response.Write Request.QueryString(""colour"")(intCount)
Response.Write ""<br>""
End If


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