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FSO ile tekil dosya isimleri

Function GetFileName(FileName)
'This Function Is used when saving a file To check there Is Not already a file With the same name so that you don't overwrite it.
'It adds numbers To the filename e.g. file.gif becomes file1.gif becomes file2.gif And so On.
'It keeps going until it returns a filename that does Not exist.
'You could just create a filename from the ID field but that means writing the record - And it still might exist!
'N.B. Requires strSaveToPath variable To be available - And containing the path To save To
Dim Counter
Dim Flag
Dim strTempFileName
Dim FileExt
Dim NewFullPath
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Counter = 0
FileExt = GetExt(FileName)
strTempFileName = StripExt(FileName)
NewFullPath = strSaveToPath & "\" & FileName
Flag = False

Do Until Flag = True
If objFSO.FileExists(NewFullPath) = False Then
Flag = True
GetFileName = Mid(NewFullPath, InstrRev(NewFullPath, "\") + 1)
Counter = Counter + 1
NewFullPath = strSaveToPath & "\" & strTempFileName & Counter & "." & FileExt
End If
End Function

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